Building according to tradition sets in principle a limitation to the artistic will and free expression, already enfeebled by the disadvantageous position of architecture to serve real functions in the field of arts. Building in consistency with the meaning of art would lead to the denial and disregard of tradition. However, truth does not reject tradition, since truth means rememberance, therefore preservation of the tradition. Thus, a true architecture energizing the alertness of memory cannot oppose the authentic art that seeks emancipation from tradition. In this article we try to solve this problem by interpreting M. Heidegger’s works in which the controvercy between modern tendencies and cultural heritage is clearly exhibited. Tradition means to give, to deliver something to someone and this is in principle adverse to the notion of receipt, which has been confused with the meaning of tradition. We should turn to tradition and leave behind the inflexible frame of modern technology that detter us from the authentic revelation through which man could experience fundamental truth.