The laboratory of General Geodesy of the Department of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the N.T.U. of Athens, has recently included in its activities the development of methods for large scale topographical surveys.

These large scale surveys concern monuments, buildings and constructions of special technical or archaeological interest as well as man-made underground areas, mines and caves. Two caves have already been surveyed, one of which is situated near the village Lithi on the island of Chios (1983) and the other is the Blue Cave on the island of Kastellorizo (1985).

Similar methods are being applied at present, for the surveying of the Catacombs of Milos.

In this paper, after a reference to the principles guiding cave survey, a brief account of methods that may be applied and instruments that may be used, is given. Finally, there is a brief description of the works carried out for the surveying of the Cave “Sfarangas” near Lithi, Chios together with a series of topographical charts.