The centre of Educational Programs of the Ministry of Culture presents in Athens two educational programs, which are addressed to children, aged 9-14:

a. The Birth of Writing. Presented all the year round at the centre’s premises, on 9 Prytaneiou St., Plaka.

b. The Public Life in Ancient Athens. Presented in Spring and Fall in the Ancient Agora site.

Both programs run in two phases:

1. Specialized personnel introduces the children to the basic components of the program, using for best results relevant illustrative and audio-visual material.

2. The children exercise the knowledge thus obtained through specially designed forms of play. In the Birth of Writing program the children are invited to try the hieroglyphic, sphenoid or Linear Β writing; while in the Public Life in Ancient Athens they revive the classical Athenian Democracy by playing the part of Heliastes of the Ecclesia tou Demou (= Assembly of Free Citizens) and by using copies of the exhibits they have already seen in the Museum of the Attalos’ Stoa.

All relevant printed material is available at the centre of Educational Programs.