The first Greek archaeologists who worked in Delphi were the Ephor of Antiquities P. Stamatakis (1882-83), who recorded the archaeological finds discovered up to then in a scientific catalogue, and Chr. Tsoundas (1888-90). In 1894 , the first book-guide of the site called “Delphi”, written by the then Ephor Ev. Kastriotis, was published. The same year Kastriotis was replaced by Tsoundas and later by K. Kourouniotis. A. Kontoleon greatly contributed to the excavations until his death in 1942, while at the same time he published many Delphic inscriptions and archaeological guides. In 1905 A. Keramopoulos was appointed Ephor of Delphi and was succeeded by N. Papadakis (1911-26), Chr. Karouzos (1927-35), N. Platon (1936-37), I. Threpsiadis (1938-43), Ph. Petsas (1944), loanna Konstantinou (1945), Ev. Mastrokostas (1950-54), loanna Konstantinou (1954-64), Angeliki Andriomenou (1964-66). Varvara Philippaki (1966), Yvonne Nikolopoulou (1966-69), V. Petrakos (1969-73), Photeini Zapheiropoulou (1973-76), P. Themelis (1976-80) and Ev. Pendazos since 1980 .