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by Archaeology Newsroom

Hollywood style Olympic Games

Τhe 2nd Olympic Games of 1906 were held in Athens. In the Illustrated Album of the games, (edited by P.S. Savvides).it is plainly shown that the Olympic Spirit had given way to the festive spectacle that was produced on the sidelines of the actual games. In elegantly phrased descriptions we are told that the main avenues in Athens were being repaired in a hurry, that the mayor of Athens Mr Mercouris was checking on everything at the last minute, that bands were playing, coloured lights and floral arrangements of false or real flowers were being set up, all these bringing to the city a festive, formal aspect. The Italian Fontapier was contracted to decorate central streets and squares, to organize the procession of lights and to undertake organizing the “Venetian festival” of fireworks at the little port of Zea.