In Thessaloniki of the 19th century, quite a few inns were built outside the city walls and close to the railway station, like the “Korytsa” inn, the only one preserved today but not in use anymore. Here we deal only with the inn known as the “Patera” inn that was built in the 19th century and was demolished in 1979 soon after the earthquake of the previous year. It was built in the traditional way as a rectangle around a courtyard occupying 200 squ. m. In 1918, a corner of the inn was converted into a shelter for immigrants. Extensive repairs and alterations were made in 1948, which resulted in the creation of a modern hotel of European standards that stood there serving its clientele for thirty whole years, until the earthquake of 1978. The abandoned inn “Korytsa” comes down to us as it was before any alteration was attempted.