Theophrastus is thought of as the father of botany, although doctors of antiquity such as Hippocrates and Galen, refer to the healing properties of plants in their writings. Other writings about plants are attributed to Pliny, Paracelsus and to Dioscorides whose works were translated into Arabic in the Middle Ages.

In this article there are nineteen entries about plants that have medicinal properties. The writer lists the many names these plants are known by, as well as their latin names. These plants are : belladonna, beleles (known as doctor or black henbane), datura or stinkweed, lappa, the chamolefka , stomachovotano (origanum dictamnus), vounokendro or agrimonia, tilio or tisane, the marshmallow (neromoloha), mistletoe (ixos), the mulberry plant (mouria), perdikaki (elxini), parsley, carrots and pansies.