Menas Avramidis (1877-1954), from Kioutacheia, is considered the descendant par excellence of the great potters of Iznik and Kioutacheia. In 1922 he arrives in Thessaloniki and later in Athens, where, in 1923, he is employed as chief craftsman in the firm “Kioutacheia”. Two years later he sojournes in Fiorina and in 1926 he is settled in Thessaloniki, where he continues to create excellent objects of everyday use until his death.. Avramidis work in the Megalopoulos Collection, unknown until now to the scientific research, is of superb craftsmanship, represents various phases of the creator’s oeuvre, like the early piece from “Kioutacheia”, and exhibits his different sources of inspiration as well. The collection comprises items that present a wide variety in use. shape and decoration: some have a distinct Islamic orientation or are decorated with a thematic repertoire based on ancient Greek mythology and art, some follow the Byzantine tradition in technique and style, others are embellished with a religious iconography, while the vases in the collection are adorned with incised and painted zoomorphic subjects.