The gulf of Siteia, due to its geographic position, is of vital importance for a better understanding of the Minoan civilization, and its foreign relations, in particular. The author of the article has recently conducted a series of excavations and surface surveys both intensive and extensive, which have produced very interesting results. At Aghia Photia, a unique Late Prepalatial (Middle Minoan Ia) rectangular, fortified building was found, probably a predecessor of the Minoan Palace. An intesive survey in the vicinity showed, in addition, an occupation during Minoan and later times. At Petras, the excavation of a Minoan settlement (mainly Late Minoan Ia) begun in 1985. There also exists a big fortification wall of an almost Cyclopean appearance. During the thorough survey of the area twelve new archaological sites were located. Furthermore, a systematic and extensive survey over the entire area of Siteia Gulf revealed several Minoan, mainly coastal, settlements.