“Museums and Globalization” is the subject suggested by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in 2003 on the occasion of the celebration of the universal Day of Museums on the 18th of May. We are used to regard globalization as a negative notion or at least as a complicated and ambiguous one. However, we could deal with globalization through the spirit of Christian love and thus approach the needs of other people with open mind and heart. Museum and school can play an important role in this direction. The museums cannot ignore the pressure exercised by one or more stronger cultures on weaker ones, therefore they should redefine their role as regards their collections and communication with the public, considering the cultural tradition of each people as a value in itself. The Greek school, on the other hand, is compelled by the reality of our time to incorporate in its community many foreign students and to help them to communicate with their human environment, while retaining their diverse identity. Thus, the Koumantareios Gallery of Sparta, a branch of the National Gallery, has participated in the celebration of the universal Day of Museums with the educational program “The children of today design a museum for the children of tomorrow”. The objective of this program is to deepen the understanding among children and to “exploit” the diversity by transforming it to creativity. Culture, after all, contributes greatly in realizing better such notions as identity and diversity and fighting against others such as racism and xenophobia.