At the innermost part of Pagasiticos Bay, to the the west and to the south of the present town of Volos, three settlements developed with small differences in their time of foundation and abandonment. They show a parallel growth from the Late Neolithic to, approximately, the end of the Mycenaean period. These settlements are the so-called “Palia” -identified by D. Theocharis including Ancient lolkos, Dimini and Peukakia. From all three only the first has continuously been inhabited down to today. However, these three locations together represent a major Mycenaean centre. At Velestino, where ancient Pheres are located and in the area of the Bakali Magoula a prosperous Mycenaean settlement thrived. Also in the vicinity of Velestino the settlement called Petra is located on the shores of the drained Karla lake. The places called Aidiniotiki, Almyriotiki, Zerelia, Phylaki, Pteleosand Hagioi Theodoroi magulae are locations in the Almyros region that seem to had been inhabited from the Neolithic penod down to to Hellenistic years, at least some of them. As regards the Mycenaean finds in the North Sporades islands, a settlement on Skiathos (Kephala) and a tomb on Skopelos (Staphylos) have been so far located.