The article is a book review by Nikos Eustratiou of a publication about the Neolithic age in Turkey. This was edited by two Turkish archaeologists. In this article, Eustratiou, the Greek expert on prehistoric times, welcomes a publication which brings to us new insights into “the beginnings of the productive Neolithic age “in Anatolia. The rescue exacavations and on location investigations took place when the great dams were being built on the upper banks of the river Euphrates in southeastern Turkey and central Anatolia. In the 236 pages of the book, 17 writers refer to 20 such digs and investigations on the banks of the river. The descriptions are of general interest. All reference and descriptions and attempts of reconstruction of how the finds were used in antiquity, all such reference is written by specialists in the field which is a plus. Furthermore the book is illustrated with such things as complex architectural plans of buildings of the 9th millennium, technological achievements are illustrated, there are pictures of life-size statues, statuettes and miniatures, all these taking up 200 pages of the book. New data comes to the reader’s attention and changes the views held until now about the Neolithic era in the region.