We all know from history that the rocky island of Delos has always been a sacred site of religious reverence and homage in spite of its minute size. Also that the state of Athens tried for centuries to possess it employing even illicit means from a political and humanitarian point of view. The reverence for this small island was such that all the other islands lying close to it were named Cyclads due to their circular arrangement around Delos, the holy nuclear. Delos as a place of worship was venerated long before Delphi and Olympia.

Αll ancient writers ascribe the veneration and sancity of Delos to the holy myth according to which not only Artemis but mainly her brother Αροllο were born there. Of course, this theory has always been an enigma since nο other birthplace of any Greek god, Zeus included, has ever been considered as sacred as Delos. If we also take into consideration that other peoples Iike Egyptians, Persians, Phoenicians, Jews, Romans, etc.,regarded Delos as a most sacred place the enigma becomes even more complex due to the international so to speak reverence in which the island was held.

Το answer this enigma one has to search and discover the real reason for the sanctity of the Aegean island, beyond the myth of Αροllο.

Our answer-theory is the natural conclusion of twenty years research οn the Pyramid of Cheops and derives from the very close geodetic relations connecting two objects so different and far apart from each other. Delos, a natural geographic point, and the Pyramid of Cheops, an artificial, human creation that was chosen to be built οn a specific site considered by the ancient Egyptians as the omphalos of the world.