Research in flint deposits of central Euboea resulted in the discovery of Palaeolithic quarries. In 1977 and 1978 two sites of local flint tool workshops were located at Phaneromeni and Voleri in the Nea Artaki region. On these sites, lying a mile apart, great numbers of cores, flakes and intact, broken and incomplete tools have been surveyed as well as pebbles, which had probably been used as hammers. The finds amount to thousands and, compared to artifacts of stratified sites, can be dated to the Middle and Late Palaeolithic era and Mesolithic era, while some of them may be assigned to the Early Palaeolithic period. The stone artifacts indicate a long series of Prehistoric cultural levels existing in Euboea. Some Middle Palaeolithic shells, Neolithic opsidian tools and a few pottery sherds from the historic period have also been surveyed. Nevertheless, no excavations have been carried out, while sites and artifacts are being destroyed and disappear everyday due to the authorities’ indifference.