The oldest settlement is that of Stavroupolis and presents us with finds of the Neolithic period while other settlements are of the Bronze and of the Iron Age. The settlement of Mikro Karabournou mainly belongs to historic times. We can presume that the area occupied today by Thessaloniki and its suburbs, the present coast of Chalkidiki, was uninhabited in the prehistoric period. A systematic excavation in one of the locations that once formed, according to Romaios, ancient Thermi casts light on the “dark” interval of the city’s history, that is, between the iron age and the time of Kassandros. The settlements of Macedonia, in general, were in the past the object of study of the English and French Archaeological Schools.Recent excavations in the area of Thessaloniki are carried out by the German and English Archaeological School, respectively in Kastanas and Assiroi, prehistoric settlements of the Bronze Age. The settlements have the formation of a steep or smooth hill as noted also in the Balkans and in the Near and Far East. This formation comes from residues of permanent and continuous residence in combination with various geological factors throughout many centuries or even millenniums.