In 1962 a group of Mytilenians organized in the Touristic Pavilion of Mytilene the first in his homeland painting exhibition of the artist Theophilos Chatzimichael, that included works on loan from various collectors of the island.

Ph. S. Charitonidis, at that time Ephor of Antiquities on Mytilene and member of the organizing group, by tracing throughout the island works of Theophilos, in order to compose the Exhibition Catalogue, had roughly created a photographic archive. Besides the known or even published works of Theophilos, the archive also includes unpublished photos of the artist’s hagiographies, painted by him in humble small churches of Mytilene, portable icons and wall-paintings, all darkened, indiscernible and damaged by the smoke of candles and the humidity of walls. The wall-paintings published here were decorating two small churches of the village Kentro, not far from the gulf of Gera.