The “Vourlis mansion” is the name of a residence that stands in the neighbourhood called “vaporia” (boats), in Ermoupolis. Belonging to Alexandra Mavrogordatou-Petritzi, this upper middle-class mansion was built in 1886 and is a neoclassical house of the 8th period. It is a two-storey house, made of stone and covers an area of 210 square metres. Restoration of the house took place in two stages. During the first stage, the owner took out a loan from the Mortgage Bank with the approval of the Ministry of the Environment. During this first stage the foundations of the house were repaired and reinforced. Four years later, the Ministry of Culture together with the Tourist Board (EOT) approved partial funding of works on the house. With the support of the law condoning “financial support of touristic development” the actual house was repaired. At the same time that repairs took place, the mansion was converted into a luxurious hostel.