In this article we attempt to draw an outline of the typology of diseases that appear in the polymorphous world of Nikos Kazantzakis’ novels. Quite a few of the personae in Kazantzakis’ prose suffer from a broad spectrum of physical and psychic diseases. A few, typical examples are the psychic and spiritual morbidity of the hero in Serpent and Lily, Orestes’ depression in Broken Souls, the tuberculosis obsessing the pure communist Shuki in Toda-Raba, madam Ortence’s fatal malady in Zorba the Greek as well as the hideous eczema that scars Manolios’ face in Christ Recrucified . We also look into the functional role of the diseases in novels, their cure, whenever it is attempted and succeeds, and their incorporation in Kazantzakis’ prose oeuvre.