It is beyond doubt today that the Greek tribes were distinguished, from the Mycenaean age to the Late Antiguity, for their persistent love of technology. Thus, it is reasonable to presume that such an attitude towards life would have been impressed on the mythological and religious beliefs of the Greeks. As a matter of fact, the role of technology in the mythology and religion of ancient Greece is a fundamental one: the Cyclopes/metal workers participate in the original triple deity (mans. Cyclopes, Hecatoncheires), Gaea hands to Cronus the “sharp” scythe, and the Cyclopes invent the ultimate weapon, the thunderbolt, for the sake of Zeus, which would enable him to emerge victorious in the struggle of the gods against the Titans. Even in the Olympian phase of the ancient Greek religion Zeus, by inviting Prometheus to participate in the creation of the World, has essentially consented to offering to mankind the technological Wisdom. Thus. the original fault of creation is restored and “men become affluent”. So, it seems that technology for the Greeks was the blessed by the gods complement of the powers of nature.