A few years ago certain school teams started visiting the museums of Greece not any more as mere spectators, but as participants in «dromena»,

In order that continuous contact between children and museum develop we have started lending relevant material in museum-kits to schools, cultural societies and institutions.

The museum-kits travel from school to school making accessible to children material relevant to a specific subject or explaining an entire topic. The subject/ topic is introduced to children through elucidating texts, slides, photographs, museum copies or originals, proposals for educational activities or handicrafts. When presenting the museum-kit to his class the teacher’s work is made much easier by the concrete information and the simple instructions which accompany the kit. The choice of subject of a museum-kit aims at the following objectives,to emphasize certain collections of the Benaki Museum,to make known to the public the work of the Museum departments and to develop specific topics related to art.

The museum-kits are designed and realized by the Department of Educational Programs of the Benaki Museum in cooperation with specialists.

All scientific information is adapted to the educational objectives dictated by the age of the children to which they are addressed.

«The Greek Traditional Headbands-are intended for children eight to twelve years of age, but also for younger ones if properly adapted. “The Folk Games» are intended for children of Elementary Education levels.

“The Hagiographer’s Kit» is intended for high-school students.