Chalkida, although not far from the capital, is a typical example of a provincial Greek town. Cultured societies with good intentions and meagre support by the state try to deal with a sensitive, clever and often disorientated people. However, the true face of the town is to be found in its young people. Most of them are left essentially helpless by their families and teachers, very seldom having the chance to express their creative impulses. They become gradually lost in a swamp of trivia or flee to Athens to study there and rarely return to their home town. Thus, in 1978 a workshop named Art Workshop of Chalkida for education in Fine Arts was founded by Jannis Spanos, mayor of the city, the painter Dimitris Mytaras and myself. Its objective was to support and contribute to the cultural development of the town. Due to its Art Workshop Chalkida has become an example and a role model for those believing that Greece can see better days if the country invests in exposing young people to art. The golden metal of the City of Chalkida with which the municipality has honoured Dimitris Mytaras and myself I believe belongs to the board, the teachers and the youth of the municipality.