The Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, one of the most modern as regards the means and equipment used by its archaeological staff, was founded only in 1977. Its objective is to save, study, restore and protect all submarine treasures of the Greek seas. From its foundation until today about 700 shipwrecks and many ancient sunk cities have been located. First director of this Service was G. Papathanassopoulos who was succeeded by D. Kazianis, then E. Hatzidaki followed who was later replaced by her predecessor E. Hatzidakis’ main effort was aiming at the research sector. As a result ten different submarine research projects were organized: on Alonnessos, Avdera Chalkidiki, Phalasarna, the ship La Therese, Zakynthos, Aktio, Vonitsa, Samos and Methone. The organization of training seminars on the methodology of modern archaeological researcr was another of the initiatives she took while being in office.