The few inscriptions of the Archaeological Museum of Myrina, few if only compared to the plethora of the recorded ones in the bibliography for Lemnos, do not fall short of valuable information on history, civilization, religion and the general course of the island in antiquity and especially on the status quo that prevailed on Lemnos after the Athenians, under the leadership of Miltiades, took over and established there their klerouchoi. These inscriptions derive from excavations on Lemnos -at Myrina, Hephaestia and the Sanctuary of the Kaveiroi-and from accidental finds from this as well as from the neighboring Imbros and Tenedos island. Most of the inscriptions are decrees honouring individuals, natives or kierouchoi, who, in various ways, had benefited the demoi of the Lemnian “dipolis” (» with two cities). Funerary and votive inscriptions also exist while others are relevant to the liberation of slaves or to setting the boundaries of sanctuaries, houses and fields.