This short article is the early outline of a thorough study on the mintage of Lemnos. Special emphasis is laid on the dating of certain types of coins, which coincide with important stages of the historic evolution of the two local mintages, these of Myrina and Hephaistia. The conclusions drawn still being provisional and the coins’ evidence fragmentary, cannot reject or confirm whatever theories are revealed through the study of the island’s history or slightly suggested by concrete archaeological data. However, the concise description of types, brief iconographical commentary, and the search of chronological evidence are only a few of the excitements involved in this study. Nevertheless, on the basis of the frequency that local coin issues are found all over the island, the variety of iconographic types and the degree of differentiation of the coinage stamps, it is certain that the productive activity of both mints of the island remained in high levels throughout the Hellenistic period, although clear indications do exist for even earlier historic phases.