The municipal market of Argos. one of the most important buildings of neoclassical architecture in Greece, reaches its centennial next year . The author, in order to write this article has analyzed and utilized the archives, the minutes, that is, of the municipal council of Argos, as well as all relevant information deriving from the local press of Argos from the mid-19th century until now. His analysis focuses on three points. The decision for the erection of the market and the reactions it caused, the procedure of the erection, the adventures the building went through until recently, when a thorough study for its restoration was made, which has been approved by the Ministry of Culture and is going to be realized. The history of the building and the views stated have the additional objective of placing the facts — researched and exposed here for the first time — within the general framework of past and present, thus, on the basis of the recently available data the issue of the erection and restoration of the Argos Market is related to decisive mentalities, social circumstances and conflicts.

The article focuses on the history of the building and does not deal with architectural analysis or the form and style of the edifice, although it thoroughly refers to the architect who has designed its plan.