Stone tools dating from almost all the Prehistoric periods and mainly from the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic have been collected from the littoral plain in the northern region of West Achaia. Most of the finds come from the coastal gradients and the valley of Peiros river, where the first two open-air Palaeolithic sites have also been located. They are dwelling settlements from which only the stone tools have been preserved. The Mavri Myti settlement, of which only a small part has survived, lies on a coastal gradient and dates from the Middle Palaeolithic period. Its artefacts feature many pebble tools, along with typical Mousterian ones, as well as a few samples of the Levallois technique. The Aurignacian settlement at Elaeochori is quite extensive. It has produced early Aurignacian stone artifacts, which are assigned to the traditional phase from the Middle to the Upper Palaeolithic period.