This article investigates the phenomenon of athletics as a social plasm, in the light of its profiteering aspect, which today tends to undermine not only the athletic spirit, but also the system of values of the society in general. The questions to be answered are the following: what exactly is the profiteering character of the athletics, what reasons have created this modern phenomenon, how this problem can be solved?

On the basis of modern data there is the possibility the profiteering character of athletics to be refuted, so that the athletics to regain their lost originality. Prerequisite for the success of this objective is the radical reconstruction of the social structure and system of values, which will be carried out in parallel with a reformation in education, so that the latter, now being a servant, will become the creator of society. Thus, the models and standards of success of modern society will be replaced by paragons of values, so that a new conception will be formed, completely different from the glorification of performance and records, which will add a new moral content in athletics.