The study of Sacrifice both as a social practice, religious mystery and political allegory leads us to the conclusion that each group of people, social entity and organized society has employed and used Sacrifice in its attempt and pursuit to approach the Divine or to complete human Nature. This act is man’s willing effort of reconciliation with the physical and metaphysical framework, defined by each civilization for its people. Undoubtedly, the subject is vast and a brief examination can only superficially offer the study of classical authors, the research of political philosophy, the conclusions of Social Anthropology and the understanding of political violence and ecological destruction. It is true that theory precedes action and if one is to make ethical evaluations one should first consider thoroughly the motives, philosophical environment, scientific completeness and the degree of consciousness and responsibility for every sacrifice.

Does the need to return to the origins of human civilization and to reevaluate the ideals of our time have to take into consideration the existence of teleology in social conditions? Is Euripides today surprisingly relevant? Finally, is our effort to investigate the true essence of all things and the principles of Justice inevitably opposed to the vengefulness of an older, more mighty and invisible natural power?