A half-finished short story, in draft form, by Papadiamantis , has just been published. Originally, it was to have been published in the “Ephimeris” (Newspaper) of 1891. Two years earlier, the “Ephimeris” had published “Crime and Punishment” translated by Papadiamantis, thus “introducing” Dostoevsky to Greek letters. Was Papadiamantis drawn to the writing of his story by his constant proximity and familiarity with the Russian author who was so obsessed with suicide? As in the case of Metsakes’ story, Papadiamantis’ hero is a foreigner, an outsider to local society and its mentality who does not permit himself to disturb the world after his death. At the end of “The Suicide”, Papadiamantis links the act of suicide to madness.