In this article an account is made of the digs carried out by the German Archaeological Institute, a description is also given of the history of the Institute as well as its publications and various activities. The G.A.I is a branch of the main Institute based in Berlin. It was founded in 1874 and in Athens its centre of operations is the house built for Heinrich Schliemann by the architects B. Dorppfeld and Ern. Ziller. Four digs by the German Archaeological Institute are in progress in Greece, at Tirynth, in Kerameikos, on the island of Samos and in ancient Olympia.

1.There has been an exposition of finds from the digs carried out under H. Kyrieleis at the Heraion, the temple of Hera in Samos. H. Kienast has supervised the cleaning and study of the great altar and two temple-shaped buildings south of the Iera Odos (Sacred Way).

2.At Kerameikos the excavations have been supervised by Ursula Kniegge and concentrate mainly on the Roman strata and workshops in the area of “Building Y”.

3.In Olympia, under Helmut Kyrieleis, excavations have mainly taken place around the Pelopion and in the area lying north of the Prytaneion.