The theatrical performance Mindscape in the Roman Agora of Athens was an activity of the Platform Cultural Central Europe hosted by the Greek Presidency of the European Union. The basic idea was the restoration of the functional identity of the Agora as a place where citizens are assembled and goods and ideas are exchanged. Source of inspiration were the work of the famous Polish theatrical director Jerzy Grotowski and the “plays-happenings” and thematic was the play Biographies. Through the theatrical convention the Roman Agora thus became an ephemeral theatrical agora. The commodities traded were not material but spiritual off springs, the citizens that attained experienced a different archaeological itinerary. The real objective of the theatrical performance laid on the one hand on the aesthetic perception of the monument and on the other on the functional value of the space. The columns, the stoa and the buttress wall of the Agora obtained a different, almost ontological content. Thus, we could claim a subversive interpretation-conduct of the archaeological heritage.