“Fairytales contain the harshest truths”. Archaeologist Christos Boulotis knew that from the beginning. But he also knew something else: that fairytales contain the power to overturn things. This is why, in parallel to his archaeological research, Boulotis, a researcher for the Academy of Athens and one of today’s most remarkable Greek academics, has set his own single rule: to not stop writing his own fairytales.
Fantasy, facts and imagination blend in Boulotis’ thought, to transform perceived realities into their actual state through their deeper essence. This is why he was always mastering archaeology – the science of interpreting traces of the past as facts of another reality. Through his interpretations, common sense co-exists with a spirited mind to produce scientifically correct hypotheses and statements while inspiring further questions and ideas. This kind of brightness allowed him to express himself like a scholar and, at the same time, like a writer. And this kind of spirit turns him into storytelling when archaeology is not enough to explain the mysteries of this world.
So, from 1987, Dr. Boulotis writes children’s stories. Inspired by the ancient world and the environment, his stories represent a productive attitude to imagination and fact.
He is now a bestselling author, loved by both kids and grownups.

Source: Ta Nea via Arxaiologia Online, 21/12/10
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