The latest – and last – publication of archaeologist Yannis Sakellarakis comes to introduce us to a world of reality through myth, leading us to an imaginary visit to Zeus’ cradle, the Idaion Andron ( Cave) in Ide, Crete.
Thousands of golden, silver, copper, faience and glass objects, votive offerings to the father of the Twelve Gods by devotees able to reach his 1538 m.-high mythical birthplace,  have been discovered thirty years ago by Sakellarakis and his wife, Effie, and are studied ever since.  Most objects, now secure in museum storehouses in Heraclion, are a tangible proof of 5.000 year old Cretan heritage.
The book, giving details on the objects, the history behind them and the excavation chronicles is out soon.
Source: ΤοΒ?μα Online via Αρχαιολογ?αOnline, 28/02/11