Nic Panagopoulos and Maria Schoina (eds.), The Place of Lord Byron in World History: Studies in his Life, Writings and Influence – Selected Papers from the 35th International Byron Conference, Edwin Mellen Press, 2012, ISBN10: 0-7734-2931-X, ISBN13: 978-0-7734-2931-4, 404 p.

A collection of essays on Lord Byron’s writings. Topics range from Byron’s reception in other cultures and histories, to Byron’s unique conception of history, to essays dealing with his personal history, and the usage of Byron’s works in cultural history writ large. There are also papers dealing with how Byron has been held up as an exceptional writer whose work has been emulated for many years. As history remains cyclical, Byron’s compelling imagery serves as descriptive of destruction, regeneration, and the unyielding predicaments of modern life.

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