Eleni Mantzourani, Philip P. Betancourt (eds.), PHILISTOR: Studies in Honor of Costis Davaras, Prehistory Monographs 36, INSTAP Academic Press, 2012, ISBN: 978-1931534659, 282 pp., 5 tables in text, 187 figs. in text

Contributions by 37 scholars, such as Philip P. Betancourt, Keith Branigan, Thomas M. Brogan, Christos G. Doumas, are brought together to create a volume in honor of the long and fruitful career of Costis Davaras, former Ephor of Crete and Professor Emeritus of Minoan Archaeology at the University of Athens. Articles pertain to Bronze Age Crete and include mortuary studies, experimental archaeology, numerous artifactual studies, and discussions on the greater Minoan civilization.