The European University Institute (Florence, Italy) prepares researchers for developing and defending a doctoral thesis in the fields of economics, history and civilization, law, and political and social sciences.

About 160 doctoral research grants are awarded annually by the EU member states and other European national authorities to successful candidates admitted to the EUI Doctoral Programme. A Ph.D. from the European University Institute is an internationally recognised qualification.

The deadline for applications is 31 January 2013.

The EUI offers graduate students a unique opportunity to study in an international setting with an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together leading scholars in each subject area. Most alumni go on to take up positions in academia across Europe and beyond, while many also work in EU institutions, national governments or the private sector, as well as international organisations.

The campus, also home to the Historical Archives of the European Union and a first-class library, is spread out across the Tuscan hillside overlooking Florence. It is two hours by train to Milan or Rome, and there are international flights from airports at Florence, Pisa and Bologna to many destinations.

As an international institution with a European focus, the EUI is probably the culturally most diverse doctoral school anywhere in the world. Its educational environment combines academic excellence with the lifeworld of a truly international community.

The doctoral programme

While each department structures its own four-year programme, researchers are involved in seminars and other events where they are encouraged to actively participate and present their work. During their Ph.D. programme students may travel within the EU and further to conduct research. There are also exchange opportunities with other leading academic institutions.

Grants and fees

Most EU member states offer grants that cover living costs and tuition fees. There are additional agreements with non-EU member states and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides grants to candidates from a number of countries.

Requirements and applications

Applicants must meet the degree requirements set by the national grant authorities.

The application deadline is 31 January 2013. Information on how to apply.


The majority of Ph.D. students and professors are multilingual; all are required to have a very good knowledge of English. The Institute is committed to accommodating other EU languages where possible.