Our time seems to be ruled by crisis. Economic, cultural and social crisis, which leads to a loss of identity and dismay. Nevertheless, crisis, when properly detected and analysed, may represent a rare opportunity for change and renewal. Given the specific nature of the present condition, an exploration of how the concept of crisis has been recognized, categorised, understood, and addressed over the past ages of our civilization seems to be necessary. Indeed, such an analysis may be lead to a better definition of the meaning of modern times, either by analogy or contrast.

The Scuola di Dottorato in Culture Classiche e Moderne —PhD programme in Greek, Latin and Byzantine Philology— of the University of Turin will host a conference exploring the theme of Crisis in the Greek, Latin and Byzantine world, focusing particularly on philological and literary aspects.

Proposals are welcomed from PhD students and early career researchers. Suggested research topics include but are not limited to:

– The concept of Crisis and its representation,

– Reactions and solutions to Crisis,

-Implications of Crisis in Philology and Literature: Crisis of a genre,author, character, text or hermeneutic paradigm.

PhD students and fellow researchers interested in delivering a twenty/twenty-five-minute paper are invited to submit an abstract (300 words max.) to [email protected] by July, 8th. Abstracts may be anonymously submitted as pdf documents (file name: first three words of paper title).

The conference will take place approximately in the second half of October. The selected speakers will be announced by July, 22nd. Further information on dates and location will be provided soon.