The international conference ‘Dialogues Between Greece and the East’ will be held at  University Of Exeter on September 9-12, 2013.

The conference is generously supported by the A.G. Leventis Foundation. This exciting event brings together leading scholars from Canada, the UK, and Europe to investigate the emergence and persistence impact of Hellenism in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Successor Kingdoms of the East.

The campaigns of Alexander the Great and the emergence of Successor Kingdoms had an enormous effect on the cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean. Building on recent work on ancient cross-cultural exchange, this conference will investigate the extent to which Greek culture made an impact on other cultures. What form did this impact take? How were Greek ideas and practices transformed and adapted in other contexts? How did Greek ideas and practices translate into local communities, and was this a two-way process that also transformed Greek culture? Approaching this period from a variety of angles, this conference will bring out the tensions and ambiguities of this complex period and offer a new approach to the Hellenistic world. The conference is intended to redefine how we understand the nature and development of Hellenism in the ancient Mediterranean.

A more substantial description of the conference, its themes, and aims can be found on the Exeter University website . The provisional programme will be available at the same address in due course.


To register please use the online form which can be found at the above web address.

Deadline for Registration for attendance and accommodation: 01 July 2013

Deadaline for Registration for attendance only: 23 August 2013.


Through the generosity of the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and the Leventis Foundation there are a number of bursaries available for students and early-career academics who can make a strong case for financial support.

a) up to 4 Full Bursaries (covering travel costs, accommodation and Conference fee).

b) up to 3 Half Bursaries (covering travel costs and conference fee).

For those who wish to apply for a bursary please email Boris Chrubasik ([email protected]) and Daniel King ([email protected]) with

a) a brief description of your work and why the conference is relevant for you (not more than an A4 page).

b) a supporting email from your supervisor or head of department/director of studies.

The deadline for applications is 17 June 2013.