The National Museum of Contemporary Art, continuing its educational activities off-site and encouraging without discriminations the expression of marginalized social groups, presents the exhibition “Beyond Boundaries”, hosting paintings of Gymnasium and Lyceum pupils of the Juvenile Prison at Avlona (45 km northeast of Athens).

Two large-size works (5×1,85 m, 2,50×0,96 m.), painted last March and April in the prison by 30 pupils, will be exhibited from June 18 until June 30, 2013.

At the beginning of March, the two curators of the exhibition Marina Tsekou and Kleanthi-Christina Valkana had two meetings with the students, and they presented them works of Vlassis Kaniaris, George Osodi, Andrea Bauer, Danae Stratou, Emily Jacir, Kendell Geers, Carlos Motta, Bill Viola and Dimitris Alithinos.

The curators have chosen works that treat subjects such as immigration, discrimination, public/private space, racism, human rights, war, violence, natural disasters etc. These topics were discussed with the pupils during the meetings.

Each pupil made a draft, which then was included in a larger work (5×1,81 m.). The interesting “wall-painting” shows the different roads the pupils will have to choose when they will be released. Insecurity and fear are some of the most evident sentiments on the canvas. Then the pupils painted a second work (2,50×0.96 m.), inspired by the phrase “Freedom means to have many options”.



Where and when

National Museum of Contemporary Art, 17-19 Vas. Georgiou Β & Rigilis Str., Athens 10675. Tel.: 210 9242111-3. Duration: June 18-30, 2013. Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11.00-19.00, Thu 11.00-22.00. Monday closed