Two wooden planks of two funerary boats belong to the era of King Den are to be restored by a team of specialists from the Ministry of Antiquities in collaboration with the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology (IFAO).

The wooden planks were discovered last week in the early dynastic cemetery to the north of Mastaba No. 6 in Abu Rawash area.

The first plank is 390 cm long while the other is 70 cm long beside another wooden sheet belongs to the boat which was discovered last year and it is 120 cm long.

Dr. Mostafa Amin, Secretary General of the SCA, explained that the wooden pieces are in bad condition and they will be transported to the restoration centre at the Grand Egyptian Museum to analyze in order to restore using the latest techniques.

Den, one of Egypt’s earliest pharaohs was known as Hor-Den, Dewen and Udimu. He was the first pharaoh to use the title “King of Lower and Upper Egypt” and the first depicted wearing the double crown.