The Archaeological Institute of Aegean Studies is organizing in Rhodes the first International Scientific Conference on “The Archaeological Work in the Aegean Islands” from 27 November until 1 December 2013.

The conference aims at the presentation of the multi-faceted archaeological work recently carried out and currently in progress in the Aegean islands (Cyclades, Dodecanese, Northeast Aegean) by the central and regional Directorates of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Universities and Research Institutes, as well as the Foreign Archaeological Institutes in Greece.

The Conference is meant to address specialists and the wider public, as it intends to present for the first time a comprehensive picture of the archaeological evidence retrieved from rescue and systematic excavations and from site and monument enhancement and protection projects in the Aegean islands.

Thematic sessions of the Conference

The sessions are organized according to geographical units, chronologically, and will cover the following fields:

a. The excavation and research work of the Directorates of Antiquities, Restoration, Conservation and the regional Directorates of the Ministry of Culture and Sports (20th, 21st, 22nd Ephorates of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 27th, 14th Ephorates of Byzantine Antiquities, Ephorates of Palaeoanthropology and Speleology of Northern and Southern Greece, Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, Archaeological Institute of Aegean Studies, Ephorates of Contemporary and Modern Monuments of North Aegean, the Cyclades and the Dodecanese) carried out since 2004.

b. The enhancement and rehabilitation of archaeological sites, the conservation and restoration of monuments and the organization of Museum and Archaeological Collections within the framework of European co-funded Projects (3rd Community Support Framework, National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013, Ιnterreg, ΜΕD).

c. The excavation and research work of Universities and Research Institutes in the Aegean Islands.

d. The excavation and research work of Foreign Archaeological Institutes in the Aegean Islands.

Papers – Posters

The papers presented at the Conference should not exceed the duration of 15 min. Guidelines for poster presentations will be provided in a forthcoming circular.

In case of multiple same-author proposed papers, the Scientific Committee will decide on a selection of papers and posters to be presented in the Conference. The official Conference language is Greek. Papers and posters may be presented in other languages (English, French, Italian and German).

C. Participation Form

The participation form for the papers and the posters may be sent either by post at the address of the Archaeological Institute of Aegean Studies (Plateia Megalou Alexandrou, 85100, Rhodes) or by e-mail at [email protected] , together with an abstract of c. 250 words (an A4 page) in English for papers presented in Greek and accordingly in Greek for papers presented in any other language.

With particular reference to archaeological projects carried out within the framework of the 3rd Community Support Framework and the National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013, it is planned that a related leaflet will be issued, available at the Conference. For this reason, applicants are kindly requested to send abstracts in Greek and in the paper language together with 1-2 digital photos (300 dpi) for papers presenting such projects.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is the 30th September 2013.

For publication guidelines see the attached pdf document.

Scientific Committee

Olga Vassi, Director of the 3rd Ephorate of Byzantine antiquities (Chios) and Acting Director of the 27th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities (Samos)

Aikaterini Dellaporta, Director of the 2nd Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities (Cyclades)

Athina-Christina Loupou, Director of the 14h Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities (Lesbos) and Acting Director of the 20th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities (Lesbos and Chios prefectures)

Maria Michailidou, Director of the 4th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities (Dodecanese), Acting Director of the 22th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities (Dodecanese)

Ioanna Bitha, Academy of Athens, Acting Director of the Research Centre for Byzantine and post-Byzantine Art

Lydia Palaiokrassa, Professor of Classical Archaeology, University of Athens

Natalia Poulou-Papadimitriou, Ass. Professor of Byzantine Archaeology, University of Thessaloniki

Nikolaos C. Stampolidis, Professor of Classical Archaeology, University of Crete, Director of the Cycladic Art Museum

Pavlos Triantafyllidis, Director of the Archaeological Institute of Aegean Studies

Panayiotis Chatzidakis, Acting Director of the 21st Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities (Cyclades, Samos and Ikaria)

Organizing Committee

Pavlos Triantafyllidis, Irene Nikolakopoulou, Chara Palamida, Fani Seroglou, Anna Karavokyrou, Artemis Christodoulou

Archaeological Work in the Aegean islands english

Participation Form