The Department of Religion at Duke University and Dorushe invite proposals for the 5th Dorushe Graduate Student Conference on Syriac Studies, which will be held at Duke University (Durham, NC) on March 28-29, 2014.

We welcome graduate student proposals for papers in all subjects, disciplines, and methodologies related to Syriac studies. In order to promote and diversify interaction at the conference, we are inviting proposals in two different categories:

(a) 20-minute conference papers

(b) 8- to 15-page dissertation interim reports.

The latter will be circulated in advance to prepare for discussion at the conference.

A keynote address will be delivered by Prof. Lucas Van Rompay (Duke University).

Proposals for either kind of paper should be emailed by November 30 to [email protected]. Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words, use a unicode font for non-Roman characters, and (for the purpose of anonymous judging) not include the author’s name or other identifications. A separate document should be submitted, containing a cover sheet with the author’s name, address, academic affiliation, and e-mail address; the paper’s title and type (dissertation report or 20-minute paper); and indication of any special facilities needed. Please submit both files in .rtf or .doc format. The submission of an abstract represents a commitment from the contributor – once the paper is accepted – to present it in person at the conference.

Organizing Committee: Erin Galgay-Walsh and Emanuel Fiano (Duke University), co-chairs; Michael Petrin (University of Notre Dame), Alberto Rigolio (University of Oxford), Daniel Schriever (Yale University), and James Walters (Princeton Theological Seminary).

Support comes from Duke University’s Graduate Program in Religion, the Evelyn & Valfrid Palmer Endowment Fund, the Warren Roman Catholic Endowment Fund, and the Dennis & Rita Meyer Endowment Fund.