Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim sent an urgent letter today to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take all required procedures in collaboration with the Egyptian embassy in Jerusalem to stop the sale of 126 ancient Egyptian artefacts. These objects have been put on sale in two auction halls, Eweda and Bidoon, in Jerusalem.

Ibrahim told Ahram Online that the ministry also contacted the Interpol and the Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities Police as well as concerned authorities to carry out all investigations required. The ministry has also called on the Israeli authorities to conduct independent investigations as to whether the two auction halls own these artefacts or they have been stolen and illegally smuggled out of Egypt.

Ibrahim has requested the immediate return of these ancient Egyptian objects.

Ali Ahmed, director-general of the Repatriation of Antiquities Department in the Ministry of Antiquities, explains that the objects in question were traced through a routine web review of all international auction halls carried out by the department periodically. Eweda is currently exhibiting 110 artefacts while Bidoon is displaying 16 others. The stolen objects include a collection of ancient Egyptian clay vessels, vases, ushabti figurines and stelae.