Dr. Christos Karydis / Dr. Eleni Kouloumpi /Aristotelis Sakellariou (eds.), The science of preventive conservation. Preservation & Collection Management, Time Heritage Publications, Athens 2013, ISBN: 978-960-89869-2-3, 406 p. Language: Greek

The book ‘Science of Preventive Conservation’ is coming to fulfill the Greek bibliographic gap in the science of conservation of antiquities and works of art. A section which for many years was actually developed empirically. Preventive conservation has recently been recognized as a particular subject area in the preservation of antiquities. This book consists of numerous case studies written by Greek scholars in the field. The scope of this book is to examine objects, materials and techniques in Greek monuments and collections, to propose new ideas and approaches, and to awaken the curators and conservators. Ambition of the editors is for the book to be used as a manual for conservators, conservation students, curators and collection managers and all professionals in the field of cultural heritage management.