The 1st International Geo-Cultural Symposium “Kaldera 2014” will take place on 6-8 June 2014, at Thera (Santorini). The Symposium is organized by MESONISOS, Center of Island & Mediterranean Culture and Members of the Scientific Community of Faculty of Geology and Geo-Environment.

The purpose of the symposium is to highlight and interpret the geological phenomena of the island, while also explaining their influence in its cultural evolution. The Symposium topics are: Geology, Volcanology, Oceanography, History, Archaeology, Natural Hazards, Folklore.

The Symposium will take place in the Conference Center of Luka & Evangelo Bellonia Foundation, which is located in Fira, the island’s capital in Santorini.


Payment can be done by bank transfer. Instructions can be found on the registration form. Please attach the proof to your e-mail. Payment receipts will be given to participants at the Symposium.


Abstracts are invited on the topics outlined and others falling within the scope of the meeting. Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be submitted before 1st April 2014. Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, results and conclusions of the work to be described in Symposium.

Abstracts could be oral or poster.

The language of the symposium will be English.

To Submit an abstract download the abstract submission form here, fill it and send it to the Secretariat of Symposium, Moel Conferences, to email [email protected] .

Scientific Committee

-Christos Doumas , Professor of Archaeology, Director of Akrotiri Excavations

-Timothy Druitt , Professor of Volcanology, Observatoire de Physique du Globe de Clermont-Ferrand, France

-Elisavet Grapsa , Dr. of History, President of MESONISOS, Center of island & Mediterranean Culture

-Paraskevi Nomikou , Lecturer of Natural Geography & Geological Oceanography, University of Athens

-David Pyle , Professor of Earth Sciences University of Oxford

-Efthimia Verikiou , Assist. Prof of Natural Geography-Geomorphology, University of Athens


Moel Conferences, Ms Eirini Dioti, Ms Maria Kavvadia. Telephone: (+30) 2106203614. Fax: (+30) 2108078342. Email: [email protected]

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