German authorities on Monday published a list of 25 out of roughly 1,400 artworks discovered in a Munich apartment. The move is the first step in an effort to speed research into the provenance of Nazi-era acquisitions, following international criticism of Germany’s handling of the discovery.

The 25 paintings are just a portion of the astounding collection of out of more than 1,400 artworks discovered in the Munich apartment of Cornelius Gurlitt, 75, a reclusive collector whose father was reportedly hired to procure works for Hitler throughout Nazi-occupied Europe.

The paintings have been catalogued on, Germany’s Magdeburg-based central database for missing works. All of the artworks, listed here in alphabetical order, are thought to have been acquired by means “linked to Nazi persecution.”

Antonio Canaletto: “S.A Giustina in Prà della Vale” in Padua, graphic print, 1751/1800

Marc Chagall: “Allegory/Allegorical Scene,” undated painting

Hans Christoph: “Couple,” watercolor, 1924

Honoré Daumier: “Don Quixote and Sancho Panza,” painting, c. 1865

Eugène Delacroix: “Moorish Conversation on a Terrace,” undated pencil drawing

Otto Dix: “Woman in the Theater Box,” watercolor, 1922 and “Dompteuse,” watercolor, 1922

Conrad Felixmüller: “Couple in a Landscape,” watercolor, 1924

Erich Fraass: “Mother and Child,” watercolor, 1922

Bonaventura Genelli: “Male Nude”, undated drawing

Ludwig Godenschweg: “Male Portrait,” undated graphic print and “Female nude,” undated graphic print

Otto Griebel: “Child at Table,” undated watercolor and “Veiled Woman,” watercolor, 1926

Bernhard Kretschmar: “Tram,” undated watercolor

Wilhelm Lachnit: “Girl at Table,” watercolor, 1923 and “Man and Woman in the Window,” watercolor, 1923

Max Liebermann: “Riders on the Beach,” painting, 1901

Fritz Maskos: “Thinking Woman,” graphic print, 1922

Henri Matisse: “Seated Woman/Woman Sitting in Armchair,” painting, c. 1924

Auguste Rodin: “Study of a Woman Nude, Standing, Arms Raised, Hands Crossed Above Head,” undated drawing

Théodore Rousseau: “View of the Seine Valley,” undated drawing

Carl Spitzweg: “Playing Piano,” drawing, c. 1840

Christoph Voll: “Monk,” watercolor, 1921 and “The Master Exploder Hantsch,” drawing, 1922