CAMOC Annual Conference: “Industrial Heritage, Sustainable Development and the City Museum”

CAMOC (the ICOM Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities) invites proposals for its 10th annual conference, in Göteborg, Sweden, 6-8 August 2014.

This year’s conference explores the question: How can city museums help people to understand, explain, and make use of the ongoing transformation of urban society from its industrial base to a future marked by limited resources and expanding technological capabilities?

Session themes include: a) The role of cultural heritage −tangible and intangible− in post-industrial urban development (How can cities build upon past traditions to shape a sustainable future after their traditional economic base has declined?), b) New technologies for documenting and presenting industrial heritage (Technological innovation drove our industrial past. Can we also harness it today to offer us new ways of understanding that past?), c) “Museums” across the city: museum experiences beyond the museum walls (Does the city museum of the future have to look like the one of the past? Where else can we benefit from “museum-like” experiences?), d) Interpreting the role of migration in industrial and post-industrial society (In the past, as in our own time, cities have been sites of regional and global movement. How do we understand and represent the changing patterns of migration that have shaped cities from the industrial era shaped cities from the industrial era to today?)

The CAMOC programme committee welcomes proposals from architects, historians, museum professionals, planners, and other urbanists on these or related themes. Presentations may take the form of: 15-20-minute talks,  Round table discussions,  “Ignite!” sessions (5-minute maximum), poster or media presentations.

Interested participants should send a proposal of up to 350 words, accompanied by a 100-word biography, by 1 March 2014 to: [email protected].


Interested participants can register in the conference online at the following site:

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