The Jewish Museum of Greece (JMG) is organizing the International Conference “Resistance and the Jews in Europe 1939-1945”, which will take place in Athens on 29 and 30 May 2014. This international conference takes place within the framework of a three-year long joint program of the JMG and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Athens.

The conference aims to promote the study of resistance activities in Nazi-occupied Europe, focusing on social, religious and racial solidarity developed between resistance fighters in occupied countries. Largely overshadowed by the Holocaust, historical research on Resistance and Jews is mainly narrowed to official proclamations, individual actions or Jewish Resistance per se (Ghetto fighters, revolts in the camps etc). The conference seeks to illuminate fundamental questions regarding the meeting points between Holocaust and Resistance, to focus on the social and political aspects of the resistance, in connection to the stance of Jewish populations towards it, and to re-examine Antifascism during WWII, as a literal social notion, rather than a political slogan.

The conference will be conducted entirely in English.

Venue: Cervantes Institute (23 Mitropoleos str., Athens)

Conference programme