Part of an Archaic necropolis dated to the 7th-6th c. BC came to light during trial trenching conducted on a plot at the “Psomi” site of the Chios municipality.

The burials that were unearthed in the eastern part of the plot were found in successive layers, placed on sea pebbles. The graves were burials in large clay storage vessels, pithoi, their opening sealed by stone slabs. The pithoi were either plain or with incised geometric decoration in horizontal zones at the body and plastic mastoid protrusions. The dead were placed on a layer of sea pebbles in a contracted position.

Undecorated clay Klazomenai sarcophagi, pithos burials of children and a stone sarcophagus were also found. However the majority of the burials which came to light were simple earth burials with the dead placed in prone outstretched position.

A find of unique importance is the horse burial – the first one that has come to light in the NE Aegean area. The horse, placed in a resting position, was taken to the conservation workshops of the Chios Archaeological Museum.

The findings indicate that this is the earliest organized necropolis found so far at the modern town of Chios and offers valuable information about the historic topography of the ancient city.