The Second International Petras Symposium will focus on “Pre- and Proto-palatial cemetery in context”. It will take place on February 14-15, 2015 at the Danish Institute of Athens (14 Herefontos Str., Plaka).

The program

Saturday 14 February 
1st Session
09.30: Greetings, Dr. Rune Frederiksen, Director of the Danish Institute at Athens

09.40-10.40: Dr. Metaxia Tsipopoulou, “Documenting Sociopolitical changes in the Pre- and Protopalatial Petras. The House Tomb Cemetery”

10.40-11.00: Discussion

2nd Session 
Chair: Prof. David W. Rupp
11.00-11.20: Prof. Philip P. Betancourt, Dr. Metaxia Tsipopoulou and Dr. Miriam Clinton. “The Tripartite Façade at the Petras Cemetery”

11.20-11.35: Discussion

11.35-11.55: Dr. Μetaxia Τsipopoulou, “Votive Deposit 1. Identity and chronology of a special ritual area in the Petras cemetery”.

11.55-12.10: Discussion

12.10-12.35: Break

3rd Session
Chair: Prof. Philip P. Betancourt
12.35-12.55: Dr. Eleni Nodarou, “Pottery fabrics and recipes in the Later Prepalatial-Protopalatial period at Petras: the petrographic evidence from Burial Building 2 and Votive Deposit 1”

12.55-13.10: Discussion

13.10-13.30: Dr. OlgaKrzyszkowska, “FurtherSealsfromtheCemeteryofPetras, Siteia”.

13.30-13.45: Discussion

13.45-15.00: LunchBreak

4th Session 
Chair: Dr. OlgaKrzyszkowska
15.00-15.20: Dr. Maria Relaki and Dr. Christina Tsoraki, “Variability and differentiation. A first look at the patterns of use and deposition of stone vases in the Petras cemetery”.

15.20-15.40: Discussion

15.40-16.00: Dr. Anna Simandiraki-Grimshaw, “The Petras Siren: An Essay on Hybridity”

16.00-16.15: Discussion

16.15-16.30: Prof. Heidi M.C. Diecrkx, “The use of querns, weights and other stone hand tools in Early to Middle Minoan mortuary practices at Petras”

16.30-16.45: Discussion

5th Session 

Chair: Prof. Yannis Papadatos

16.45-17.05: Dr. Alessandra Giumlia-Mair, Dr. Susan C. Ferrence, Prof. Philip P. Betancourt, and Prof. James D. Muhly, “Special Alloys from the Cemetery of Petras”.

17.05-17.15: Discussion

17.15-17.35: Dr. Thomas M. Brogan and Dr. Alessandra Giumlia-Mair, “The small metal discs from the Cemetery at Petras: Ornaments or instruments for Weight-Measurement?”

17.35-17.50: Discussion
17.50-18.15: Break

6th Session
Chair: Prof. Ilse Schoep
18.15-18.35: Dr. Evi Margaritis, “The plant remains of the House Tombs at Petras: acts of destruction, transformation and preservation”.

18.35-18.50: Discussion

18.50-19.10: Prof. David W. Rupp, “The LM IIIC Megaron and its special relationship to the Petras Cemetery”

19.10-19.25: Discussion

Sunday, 15 February
7th Session
Chair: Mr. Gerald Cadogan
9.30-9.55: Dr. Tatiana Theodoropoulou, “The sea in the afterlife of the Minoans: the shell material from Petras cemetery in context”

9.55-10.10: Discussion

10.10-10.40: Prof. Sevi Triantafyllou, “Όσο ψηλά και αν ανεβείς λέξη μην πεις μεγάλη ‘πο χώμα σε έφτιαξε ο θεός κι εκειά γυρίζεις πάλι”[Cretan mantinada on death]

10.40-10.55: Discussion

10.55-11.15: Prof. Sevi Triantafillou, Ms. Sotiria Kiorpe and Dr. Metaxia Tsipopoulou, “Kephala – Petras: The human skeletal remains from House Tomb 5”.

11.15-11.30: Discussion
11.30-12.00: Break

8th Session
Chair: Prof. Yorgos Vavouranakis

12.00-12.20: Mr. Gerald Cadogan, “Compare and contrast. The house tomb at Myrtos-Pyrgos”

12.20-12.40: Discussion

12.40-13.00: Prof. Yannis Papadatos, “Mortuary practices, cultural diversity and social organization in Prepalatial East Crete: Some thoughts on the broader geographical context of the Petras cemetery”

13.00-13.15: Discussion

13.15-13.35: Dr. Efi Nikita, Prof. Stevi Triantafillou, Prof. Yiannis Papadatos, Dr. Metaxia Tsipopoulou, Prof. Diamantis Panagiotopoulos, and Prof. Lefteris Platon, “Movement of people and cultural identities in the Ρrepalatial central and eastern Crete”

13.35-13.50: Discussion

13.50-15.00: Lunchbreak

9th Session 
Chair: Prof. Carl Knappett
15.00-15.20: Prof. Lefteris Platon, “Pezoules-Kephala, Zakros, Ι. Form of the tombs and burial habits”.

15.20-15.35: Discussion

15.35-15.55: Prof. Lefteris Platon and Ms. Maria Tsimpoukaki, “Pezoules-Kephala, Zakros, ΙΙ. The chronological and cultural position of the finds in relation to the neighboring settlement”

15.55- 16.10: Discussion

10th Session
Chairs: Prof. Sevi Triantafyllou and Prof. Lefteris Platon
16.20-16.40: Prof. Ilse Schoep, “Funerary Practices at Sissi: the treatment of the body in the house tombs”

16.40- 16.55: Discussion

16.55-17.10: Prof. Yorgos Vavouranakis, “Ritual areas in cemeteries in Eastern Crete. Between social identities and palatial propaganda”.

17.10-17.25: Discussion

17.25-17.45: Prof. Carl Knappett, “East Cretan networks in the Middle Bronze Age”

17.45-18.00: Discussion

18.00-18.20: Break

11th Session
Chair: Dr. Colin Macdonald
18.20-19.30: Final Discussion